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Individual counseling is a good choice for people who feel like their own issues are getting in the way of experiencing life fully. This may occur because of an unknown reason, a desire to function more healthily, or an actual mental health condition. Some approaches fit some people better than others. I use assessment skills and collaborate with clients to determine what is most helpful to each unique person. If you haven’t been to counseling before, it can be anxiety producing to give it a try. This is natural and you will likely find that it gets easier to come to appointments once you get used to the process. I am happy to help those who have done counseling before as well as newcomers. Whether you are hoping to change patterns in romantic relationships, friendships, work functioning, or something else, I will design an approach that fits your unique needs.

I use a number of approaches. While not a complete list, the following might give you some ideas about what sessions might include. Remember, if you don’t like a certain approach we don’t have to use it. I believe it is my role to put choices on the table and we can decide together what makes sense.

At times I use cognitive behavioral techniques to explore how ones thoughts and behaviors may affect their choices and emotions. Once people become more aware of their thoughts and learn to work with them, profound changes in mood can follow. Often people have an aggressive, nasty, internal monologue or dialogue that causes them all sorts of problems. This self-talk can be so extreme that it involves negative statements or name-calling that is very uncharacteristic of the person’s outer demeanor.

On other occasions I may work with people using psychodynamic approaches. These approaches look at how past relationships and experiences inform our behavior, thinking, and emotions in the here and now. Often this is very helpful with repetitive patterns that don’t serve one well anymore. When old, ineffective patterns are used to cope with everyday life it may have undesirable effects. Psychodynamic counseling frequently helps people identify and get rid of what is often called “baggage” in order to lead a more fulfilling life.

EMDR and Neurofeedback are two additional types of interventions I use. They are very effective in ways that are different than the previously mentioned approaches. Less talking is involved. Please click on the individual tabs for more information. Please call with any questions. I’m happy to address any concerns. My individual counseling in Denver uses cognitive behavioral techniques. I provide one on one therapy in Denver. If you are looking for a clinical psychotherapist Colorado or Psychodynamic therapy Colorado, schedule individual counseling services in Denver today.